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Platinum Surgey Center: Advantages

Why stay at a hospital longer than necessary? Since our facility is entirely outpatient, Platinum Surgery Center can help you get back to your daily routine quicker and with a greatly improved quality of life.

Modern, fully equipped, and offering highly qualified surgical experts, our surgery center is fully suited to offer meaningful, custom patient care to you and your family. As a multi-speciality surgical facility, Platinum Surgery Center offers many advantages including:

  • Efficiency—Our staff works effectively to ensure that your appointments, consultations, and surgery happen according to plan, and are not delayed by non-related emergencies, as they may be in a large hospital.
  • Personalized Care—Providing a positive experience for all of our patients is our top priority and we are able to provide this through dependable, comfortable, family-friendly services. Our 1:3 nurse-to-patient ratio contributes to wonderful and immediate personal service and professional care.
  • No Unnecessary Waiting—Our ambulatory surgery center offers a quick turnaround time. Having a procedure done at the the hospital usually includes waiting for the operation to be scheduled, the doctors and support staff being available, and administration staff exasperating the process. Opting for the procedure to be done at Platinum Surgery Center means very little wait time.
  • More Privacy—Hospitals are busy places, and unfortunately, privacy can be a bit of an issue at times. Having to share a recovery room and staff, being wheeled through the corridors, and the constant hustle and bustle of an operating department are far from ideal. At Platinum Surgery Center, our private environment simply provides better privacy.
  • Outpatient Procedures—No need to stay at the hospital overnight (and no need to pay extra for just a night’s rest). Because our facility only performs outpatient procedures, you get to leave sooner and recuperate at home. Your team of doctors will provide you with specific instructions on how to care for yourself as you heal and will be available for followups as needed.
  • Cost Effective—Hospitals have a ton of overhead and it shows in your bill. Our dedicated space may be smaller, but it is just as effective and it keeps the costs of procedures down.
  • Avoid the Hectic Hospital—Patients at Platinum Surgery Center are not suffering from long-term illness or serious injuries, so you don’t have to worry about being surrounded by the critically ill or the severely injured.
  • Highly Regulated—Ambulatory service centers are highly regulated by federal and state entities to ensure the safety of quality of care are topnotch quality.
  • Medicaid Welcome—80% of the patients who obtain surgery at Platinum Surgery Center are Medicaid plan participants and privately insured in the remaining 20% of cases.

Patients generally feel that it is far easier to check into our pleasant surgical center for a procedure that will take less than a day than to check into a large and intimidating hospital for days—or even longer.

Find the peace-of-mind you deserve with the experts at Platinum Surgery Center.