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Platinum Surgey Center: Your Visit

The patients at Platinum Surgery Center are Medicaid plan participants in about 80% of cases and privately insured in the remaining 20% of cases.

Our patients, though they range in age from early childhood to geriatric patients, have one unifying factor:
They want to have the needed surgical procedure so they can get back to enjoying life again. The Platinum Surgery Center allows patients to return to their lives, often with greatly improved quality of life, as quickly as possible since our facility is entirely out-patient. Patients at the Platinum Surgery Center are not suffering from long-term illness or serious injuries, and will therefore not be surrounded by the critically ill or the severely injured. The atmosphere here is, as a result, far more welcoming to the patient than the environment at most hospitals.

Patients generally feel that it is far easier to check into our pleasantly appointed surgical center for a procedure that will take less than a day than it would be to check into a large and intimidating-looking hospital for days, or even longer.